Are You Ready for Supermoon Sunday?

Stargazers will have a chance to catch the sequel to ‘Supermoon’ this weekend.

Supermoon in Chicago. Photo by Chris Smith


We’re living through heady times. Ceaseless thunder storms, unbearable heat waves, Sharknados. Thankfully, the universe is giving us something beautiful to enjoy this weekend. Sunday night’s full moon will appear to be especially large because it will be only 934 miles farther away from earth than it was during June’s so-called “supermoon,” and skies are slated to be relatively clear. Call it Supermoon 2.

Want more info on stargazing in western Pennsylvania? Check out for updates on the supermoon, August’s Perseid Meteor Shower and other summer meteor showers. Follow them on Twitter and you’ll find out awesome things like the perfect time to find Saturn in the night sky.


#Science: Want a free coffee? Just yawn.



The next time you’re stuck at the O.R. Tambo International Airport in South Africa, walk up to the Douwe Egberts coffee dispenser and yawn. A free cup of coffee will magically pop out.

Equipped with facial recognition software, the “Bye Bye Red Eye” machine automatically produces a steaming cup for tired travelers.

Totally amazing. The natural evolution is a machine that knows when your flight has been delayed through rage-face detection. Boom: Instant Irish coffee.


#Heat: Making us all crazy



What’s going on this weekend?


  • If you’re wondering how you’ll celebrate Colombian Independence Day, consider spending some time at Colombia en Pittsburgh’s picnic in Frick Park. —  Sunday, 2 p.m.


  • Idina Menzel joins the Pittsburgh Symphony at Heinz Hall for one night only. —  Sunday, 7 p.m.


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