Any Given Sundae

Get the inside scoop on Klavon's ice cream parlor in the Strip District.

Photos by Renee Rosensteel

James and Mary Klavon opened Klavon’s Pharmacy in a Strip District storefront in 1923. For 50-plus years, the couple slung sodas, shakes and penny candy — not to mention prescription drugs, cosmetics and more. When James passed away in 1979, the store closed its doors; Ray Klavon kept an eye on the old place, though. As the grandson of James and Mary, he had worked in the store as a child; when he retired, he knew it was time to restore the parlor to its former glory. With the help of his seven siblings, the shop reopened (as Klavon’s Ice Cream Parlor) in 1999, once again welcoming kids of all ages.

Watch a behind the scenes video with Ray, or click through the gallery below:

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