Anatomy of a Parade

An all-access pass to the Highmark First Night celebration.

Everybody loves New Year's Eve. Everybody loves a parade. And pretty much every human, young and old, loves puppets. Pittsburgh rang in the New Year with a crowded Highmark First Night celebration, including countless concerts, galleries and family events.

But it was the parade that brought throngs to the streets. Like an child's imagination brought to life, the the First Night Parade showcased hundreds of puppets, thanks to Steel City puppet-maker Cheryl Capezzuti and an army of collaborators and volunteers. The parade was short; marchers hit the streets around 8 p.m. and had completed their circle by 9, but First Nighters got their money's worth: floats, bagpipers, the Perry High School marching band, and more waving animals than a Furry convention.

StreetView followed the parade from its rallying point (beneath the David Lawrence Convention Center) all the way to the end.