All of Her, All of Her Life


This fall marked the start of a new chapter at Allegheny Health Network: the next part of their Living Proof campaign and the beginning of new, better conversations about women’s health care in Pittsburgh and throughout the region.

AHN Women is a first-of-its kind campaign and launch of a new sub-brand for AHN. It’s the first time they are focusing exclusively on women and women’s care. And for the first time they are looking at 365 days, a full year, of telling stories about transformational care experiences.

Research tells us that the women seeking care today have needs that are different than those of years past. Priorities have changed. Women are waiting longer to have kids. Over the past eight years, babies born to mothers between 25 and 29 have decreased by 12 percent. Teen pregnancy is down and birth control usage is up. As reproduction patterns change, the corresponding health care needs to change too. Busy lives, more high-risk pregnancies later in life, earlier detections of cancer, and updates to preventive schedule guidelines have all changed how women consume health care.

AHN is the highest-rated health system in Western PA for Medical Excellence in Women’s Health in CareChex® quality rankings and the fastest growing health system in WPA for L&D over the past 3 years.

For too long, AHN’s outstanding women’s care has been overshadowed in the market. AHN is putting forth an ongoing series of stories spanning a full year featuring real women— whose lives were made better by the convenient, compassionate, and comprehensive care offered by the caregivers at AHN.

The AHN Women green sofa is a symbol of women’s shared and unique health care experiences. The sofa represents a safe and caring place to talk, cry, ask questions and seek advice.

These and many other stories are “living proof” examples of the outstanding care provided every day by AHN, along with the access to high-quality care that Highmark makes available to its members.

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