Al Jazeera America: Pittsburgh Now Thrives After Hitting Rock Bottom

The news network praises the city as a model for urban redevelopment.

Another day, another national feature on Pittsburgh. If you read the tea leaves, it appears the city could be on the verge of a massive boom in investment and development. Al Jazeera America is just the latest major media outlet to praise the city’s economic resurgence — and this just weeks after the international development company Grosvenor Group named Pittsburgh the No. 5 Most Resilient City in the World.

In the clip, Jeremy Waldrup, CEO of the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership, mentions an influx of $5.5 billion in investments over the last eight years. And that’s just for projects in the greater downtown area. With PNC Bank’s 30-story skyscraper a year away from completion, Google’s Bakery Square headquarters set to double in size and the world’s coolest hotel coming to East Liberty, things are seriously heating up.

The only bummer is that Al Jazeera America had to come and film when it was raining. Of course they did.

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