Aerial Drone Video of Phipps Botanical Gardens Will Make You Say ‘Ohhhh’

Who says the future Orwellian surveillance state won’t have its perks?


If PBS Frontline’s “United States of Secrets” special taught us anything, it’s that the government has stored almost every single keystroke of every person in America, including this dumb lead. Next up in our Orwellian nightmare: commercialized security drones that will fly around taking real-time video.

But who says that Orwellian nightmare can’t be a little bit fun?

Commercially available drones already are available; you literally can purchase one on Amazon for the bargain price of $480. Disregard the frightening privacy concerns of living in a Real Life Metal Gear Solid and just kick back and enjoy this beautiful aerial footage of Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens.

(hat-tip: Redditor Kolfinna)



#Props: NPR says Mike Tomlin’s commencement speech is one of the 300 best, ever


What do Mike Tomlin, Kermit the Frog, Mother Teresa and Mister Rogers have in common? They’ve all delivered inspiring commencement speeches, according to NPR. The public-radio outlet called Tomlin’s 2008 address at Saint Vincent College one of the 300 Best Commencement Speeches Ever.

You can watch his speech below. His self-deprecation didn’t turn out to be true, after all:

“I, too, cannot remember a thing that my commencement speaker said. That made me extremely comfortable because regardless of what I say to you here today, there is a strong possibility that the vast majority of you will not remember a word that I say.”

Most impressive of all: Tomlin didn’t utter a single “obviously” in the entire speech.

You can watch the entire speech on YouTube.

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