Adorn Your Home (or Yourself) with these Geometric Designs

Local company Naked Geometry uses intricate geometric designs to create jewelry, wall hangings, ornaments and more.

Many people learn about geometry in high school or doodle vague shapes and patterns when they’re bored, but not many use true geometry to create high-quality pieces of art. Naked Geometry, a Pittsburgh-based company, does just that.

Naked Geometry features elegant and earthy jewelry, such as earrings, necklaces and pins, unique home decor items including ornaments and screens, and intricate pieces of art perfect for adorning a wall or table.

While the final artwork speaks for itself, the creation is a masterpiece of its own. James Gyre, who founded Naked Geometry in 2012, designs and drafts vectors and utilizes programs such as Adobe Illustrator to achieve his patterns. Pieces are then fed into a laser cutter, then glued, sanded and finished by hand.

“These [designs] are not programmed,” says Gyre. “I don’t use any processing or lines of code.”

Gyre studied geometry and its mathematical aspects and says he wanted to produce something that reflected a true understanding of geometry — not just pretty shapes. Geometry is something Gyre says people are drawn to because so much of it reflects what they see naturally in the world.

“I think it’s really interesting material, and the reason a lot of people gravitate toward it is that it’s kind of universal in nature,” says Gyre.

The wood Naked Geometry uses to create its products is sustainable lumber, and Gyre says there is now a larger focus on making use of reclaimed wood from fallen trees in the Pittsburgh region.

“We don’t buy any cut, live wood,” Gyre says. “I’m a big fan of trees just being left there. Wait until they fall.”

Products can be purchased on Naked Geometry’s website, or on its Etsy store.


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