A Traveler’s Twist on Home Decor

Airportag sells products customized with airport codes, perfect for the Pittsburgher looking for an inventive way to celebrate his or her city.

Photos courtesy of Airportag


If you fly often — or ever — seeing the airport code “PIT” immediately registers in your mind as “Pittsburgh.” Airportag plays on the idea that people know the codes of the cities they love and makes decor perfect for avid travelers or people who simply love representing their hometowns.

Airportag offers products such as throw pillows, mugs, shower curtains, phone covers and T-shirts depicting airport codes from across the world, and products also can be custom made.

Those interested in customized home decor, party favors or vacation souvenirs can contact an Airportag “flight attendant” with their request to customize their flight ticket. They can choose any type of product from the site and request custom detailing.

And if you really want to get creative, customers can invent airport codes, maps, quotes and destinations. Perhaps you’d like a souvenir from a trip to Hogwarts or Neverland.

Airportag products have been featured on Buzzfeed, Swiss Miss and other major outlets.

Products are carried on Airportag’s website as well as Contemporary Concepts, which carries select Pittsburgh and other travel-related items such as tote bags ($25-$40) and pillows ($37).

Contemporary Concepts
6343 Penn Ave.
East Liberty


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