A Shout-Out to the Youngest Members of the Wedding Party

These ring bearers and flower girls are so cute, they may have stolen the show.

To achieve that dream wedding, the bride and groom can’t do it all alone — they rely on the support of friends, family, wedding planners, photographers and many other parties to ensure everything goes according to plan. It’s indisputable that these people deserve some recognition.

Today, we’d like to focus on those little helpers who make the ceremony a little cuter, a little sweeter and a little more memorable, by sharing these photos of some of the most adorable flower girls and ring bearers we’ve seen this season.

Young Love

From the wedding of Bonnie Sheetz and Brian Ottavian, Oct. 22:

Photo by Kristi Telnov Photography

Pretty in White

From the wedding of Sheena Kramer and Dominic Mecca, Jan. 21:

Photo by Ryan Zarichnak

A Perfect Pair

From the wedding of Chrissy Bartek and Josh Hays, Feb. 4:

Photo by Leeann Marie Wedding Photographers

True Blue

From the wedding of Joelle Cook and Justin Cameron, Sept. 24:

Photo by Leeann Marie Wedding Photographers

Along for the Ride

From the wedding of Cara Mia Grassi and Christopher DiRubbo, Jan. 14:

Photo by Kristi telnov photography


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