A Rose by Any Other Name: Non-Traditional Flower Choices

If you’re looking for that one special final touch for your wedding, all you have to do is stop and smell the roses. Isn’t it time to shake up tradition and toss out the typical bridal bouquet?

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Traditionally, brides carry a bouquet and decorate their venue with blooms that match their color scheme. But recently, plenty of brides are deciding to forgo typical floral arrangements. We spoke to three brides who found innovative ways to incorporate flowers — and their loved ones — into an already magical event.

photo by Tami Weingartner


Melissa Morrison and Keith Tully’s wedding featured a surprising component in their décor: more than 250 giant tissue-paper flowers. This handmade addition formed an archway framing the couple at the altar, and tissue-paper blooms decorated the rest of the ceremony site when they married on June 20, 2015.

Having these tissue paper flowers wasn’t just an innovative touch for this couple. It was also a display of affection from the people they loved.

“The women in my life had been working for months to fold, cut and prepare the flowers,” Melissa says. “And on the day before the wedding, 25 women assembled to finish the faux blooms. It was an awesome display of community.”

photo by Ryan Zarichnak Photography


When Dani Stump walked down the aisle, she wasn’t just carrying a bouquet: She was carrying a piece of art. While planning her wedding, she says she wanted to avoid having flowers take up a large portion of her budget, and “I also realized I wanted to do something special for myself and our wedding party.” 

Before her wedding to Adam Elliott on April 18, 2015, Dani asked an artistic friend to create a unique arrangement using paper that matched her spring color scheme. The result was a beautiful paper bouquet. Even better, she still has it: “No matter the time of year, I can have it on display and enjoy it for many years to come,” she says. 

She and Adam wanted to keep the wedding “very simple, sweet, but fun,” and this artistic touch made it possible, she says.

photo by Ann Louise Photography


Nicole Masson’s bouquet was made up of flowers, but they meant so much more than a typical arrangement.

When planning her May 30, 2015 wedding to Adam Berti, she knew that she wanted a specific look: “Soft purples and pinks with greys and silvers. Girly but sophisticated,” she says. Her flowers reflected this look but also meant something even more special because they were taken from her mother’s garden.

“I really wanted something close to me as I walked down the aisle that reminded me of my mom and our close relationship,” Nicole says.

The result was a stunning bouquet of light pink and purple roses that the bride carried down the aisle.

“I had childhood memories of our garden and my mom all represented in the most unique and perfect bouquet,” she says.


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