A Place in Pittsburgh Where You Can Work Hard and Play Hard

Office area, meeting room, kitchen and gaming –– all in the same place.

photo by douglas duerring


If you’ve got an itch to try a virtual-reality video gaming device, it’ll set you back a few hundred bucks. Unless, of course, you head to Brookline; then it’ll be $4 an hour. Or less.

At Looking for Group Pittsburgh (lfgpgh.com), guests pay by the hour or day for access to the latest video-game consoles and VR headsets, dedicated gaming PCs and more, as well as a healthy library of tabletop games ranging from classics to obscure treasures. Looking for Group is more than a gaming space. It also doubles as a co-working space, with an office area, meeting room and kitchen.

Co-owner Edd Batson reports that several customers with jobs that allow them to work anywhere spend the day laboring in Looking for Group’s co-working area, then immediately grab controllers to play games after they clock out. If you think you could get any work done with this much potential for fun nearby, though, you’re more industrious than we are.

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