A History of Pittsburgh’s Lost Inclines

New interactive map lets users discover 22 of Pittsburgh’s historical funiculars.

Photo by Dave DiCello


The single most Instagrammed photo in Pittsburgh is probably the Duquesne Incline. The iconic red trolley is like a sharp pocket square for our skyline. It ties everything together. Even Mister Rogers had a replica in his neighborhood.

There are only two inclines operational today — the Duquesne and Monongahela — but there were at least 20 other inclines throughout our history. In Pittsburgh’s industrial heyday, inclines were essential infrastructure for hauling coal, freight and (in the days before SUVs) very tired mill workers up the hill to their homes.

Now you can explore all 22 known inclines with an amazing new interactive map by Chris Olson. You can even switch between a historical map of Pittsburgh and a modern Google satellite view to see exactly where the old inclines were located.

Extra ‘Burgh bonus points to anyone who can name the very first incline without looking.


It’s the Ormsby Mine Gravity Plane, built in 1844. Sounds like a cross between an old Western and a sci-fi movie.

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