A Hermitage Home Comes to Life With Disney-Inspired Details

A chandelier inspired by a princess crown and exaggerated custom valances are just some of the details that make this kitchen fit for a fairytale.

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These large and curvy columns and whimsical cabinets are not something you see every day, because the homeowners found inspiration in an unlikely source: Disney's Beauty and the Beast and other tales.

After a trip to the Disney studios in Orlando, Florida, they came back to Pennsylvania ready to add offbeat fairy tale details to their house. They enlisted Mullet Cabinet to help design and build oversize custom cabinets, tables and columns that are far from standard.

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Who lives here: A family with 6 children
Location: Hermitage, Pennsylvania


Oversize weight-bearing columns stand out while delineating a walkway between the dining room/kitchen and the living room. The bases are 2 feet long and wide, and the widest part of the curved classical balustrade shape is 22 inches in diameter.

A family of eight needs a big dining room table; this one measures 60 by 126 inches and is 30 inches high. One of the biggest challenges of the project was getting the turned leg designs just right, as they are solid wood and very irregular in shape.

"Each part of this project was completely custom, and meetings with our engineering department were a must to work out all the details of how to make it work," says kitchen designer Steve Monroe.

"There is nothing conventional about this space," Monroe says. The custom kitchen cabinets have the look of freestanding furniture, with arched details.


The island is 42 by 102 inches and contains a microwave, dishwasher and sink. A custom box with a matching finish disguises the plumbing. The chandelier overhead has the whimsical style of a princess' crown.


Stunning quartzite countertops with swirls of brassy golds pick up on the chandelier's metallic finish.

Mullet Cabinets' color stylist, Lamar Troyer, mixed the colors in house and heavily distressed all of the cabinetry. It takes a lot of work to make new cabinets appear this worn. The process involved an 18‐step multilayered finish, which shows through to the wood in places. A final topcoat will protect them for life.


The cabinets' feet repeat the exaggerated curved shapes seen on the dining table and the columns, emphasizing the look of freestanding furniture.


Special details extend to the custom valances at the top of the cabinets.


Inspired by Wardrobe, a character from Beauty and the Beast, these custom armoires next to an entry have big personality. Another custom valance at the top of the armoires adds unique whimsy.


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