A Bitter Pennsylvania Rivalry Is the Focus of a New Movie

Few questions spark such intense debate as “Wawa or Sheetz?” A local filmmaker hopes to answer which regional chain reigns supreme.


The Penguins vs. Flyers rivalry is brutal, sure, but there’s another eastern vs. western Pennsylvania debate that may be even more heated. Which is the better store, Sheetz or Wawa?

A new documentary from Pittsburgh filmmaker Matthew Fridg aims to settle the matter when the film debuts in 2019. A short overview of the film digs into what makes this seemingly silly question so important to Pennsylvanians.

“Like two squirrels fighting for the last acorn before the winter snows, the friendly rivalry between Sheetz and Wawa lovers has seeped deep into the culture of the region,” Fridg writes. “It’s the kind of thing you ask on the first date. Parents hope to pass their own affiliation down to their children.”

Watch the teaser trailer here to find out how you and your strong Sheetz or Wawa opinions could be featured in the film:

Though (we hope) it is futile to ask, where do your convenience store loyalties lie?

H/t to our friends at Philadelphia Magazine, though we think we know what their thoughts on the matter might be.

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