8 Eco-Chic, Earth Day Must-Haves!

Confession of the Week: Earth Day was every day growing up with a mom like mine.

As a kid I loved playing outside, running around the neighborhood, and doing forward tumbles in the grass. I remember when I was about eight years old my mom called for my two brothers, my sister and me from the front porch of our house. The four of us came running from the front lawn. Mom said, “I want all of you to look around the porch, under the hedges, behind the rose bush and down by the curb. Pick up EVERYTHING lying on the ground that God didn’t put there.” We grabbed a bag and picked up little pieces of bubble gum wrappers (dropped by one of us—I’m sure) and random newspaper fliers that blew away from the downtown-bound bus commuters on their way to work.

It was the early 80s and I was a kid who hurried up to do what I was told so I could get back to tumbling in the grass. Looking back I was lucky to have a mother who taught us the importance of respecting our home, and the environment in which we dwelled. Too bad our polyester hand-me-downs weren’t as respectable (remember this was the very early ’80s, just after the very late ’70s), but at least my mom was ahead of her time—she was putting to good use the term “reuse.” Our polyester pants, among other T-shirts and flower-power dresses, were hand-me-downs from our cousins. If it’s picking up pieces of flyaway trash or reusing an article of clothing, taking responsibility for sustaining the earth was and is part of our family’s duty to give back to Mother Earth what was and still is provided to us: A place to tumble in the grass (bubble gum wrapper free).

Here are eight p—EARTH—fect possibilities to living a well-rounded eco-chic life from Equita, a locally owned, independent, family-run shop in Lawrenceville. Equita offers a wide range of high quality and functional Fair Trade, organic and green products. From clothing and jewelry to home décor and kitchen accessories, Equita is for the ethically conscious and eco-friendly occasional bubble gum chewer.

Visit Equita, 3609 Butler Street, Lawrenceville; 412/353-0109, shopequita.com.

GREEN T. Slip into  this organic T ($60) by Loomstate; it’s made from 100% raw organic  cotton and ethically manufactured in India. "WAIST" NOT WANT NOT. This smock waist dress ($182) by Stewart+Brown was ethically made in the United States from sustainable hemp fiber.



OH! BABY. Keep your little earth angel dressed in this organic cotton jumper ($26) with graphic pony on the front.


OVER THE RAINBOW. Clasp on this brightly, multi-colored beaded necklace ($68). It’s eco-friendly and eco-chic.BATHING BEAUTIES. Rub down with these organic cotton bath towels ($30) in neutral shades.CARRY ON. An eco-friendly stainless steel carrier ($24), with take out lunch set SITTING PRETTY. Take comfort with this loveseat (price available upon request), by Pure that it’s made from sustainable materials including: FSC Certified hardwood; biodegradable, natural latex rubber; organic cotton and dyes; natural adhesives it was manufactured ethically in Canada.DIVE IN. Bamboo utensils ($14) with recycled plastic sleeve are to dine for.