7 Pittsburgh Brunch Spots That Will Get You a Hug from Mom

These Pittsburgh brunch hot spots are sure to leave a lasting impression.


There are two days in the year when I unequivocally expect to be treated like royalty: my birthday and Mother’s Day. Forget calling me Princess Leia. It’s Queen Leah. (Our names are spelled differently but are pronounced the same.) I expect nothing less.

It all should start with coffee in bed and continue on to a brunch not cooked by me — plus, I should receive expressions of love and gratitude from my entire family. Presents are welcome, especially if they are shoes.

Not a fan of surprises, I like to give my family my top options for brunch. That way, while they still have the illusion of choice, they cannot go wrong.

Here are my picks (in no particular order):


Amazing Café

Four words: bread pudding French toast. (Nope, not missing a comma, editors!) The café took two good things and put them together; though that doesn’t work all the time (think: Ben Affleck and J-Lo), Amazing Cafe has made something GREAT. Mom will not have her cake and eat it, too — she will have her bread pudding and French toast, too. Infinitely more special.

Best part? Along with the decadent dessert as breakfast, Mama can have her pick of green juices and smoothies and a menu-filled with righteous food that won’t leave her wanting for anything else.




Kaya pushes the boundaries of brunch with hours that extend from 11 a.m.-4 p.m., but I welcome the longer window of opportunity to enjoy some corn and lentil beignets with green curry sauce. Yes, the Kaya brunch menu definitely is for those looking for more adventurous flavors (but hark, the restaurant has the best waffles, too, for those who want to stick to standards!).

There’s a great, flavor-filled menu to choose from, but what do I really want? The tempura avocado banh mi tacos with pickled vegetables, jalapeño and yuzu mayo. Not sharing. At all. Because tempura avocado.



Habitat Restaurant at Fairmont Pittsburgh hotel

I used to work downtown, and I would direct every meeting I could to the light-filled lobby of the Fairmont Pittsburgh hotel. Then I discovered the wonderful lunch menu at Habitat. Now that I work in the East End, I don’t get to the Fairmont as often, but I won’t mind making my way downtown to celebrate with the decadent Mother’s Day Brunch BUFFET. Yes, a buffet. And yes, I condone this.

The buffet menu is mouthwatering, with offerings that include organic eggs, freshly baked breads and pastries, seven salads inspired by spring, fruits, smoothies, tapas-style entrées, for omnivores: a carving station and an unbelievable dessert selection. Plus mimosas, naturally.



Grit & Grace

Let’s see. What should I get? Cereal Milk Punch, kimchi Bloody Mary or a communal cocktail so big four people could drink from the same “vessel?” Oh wait, this is a Mother’s Day Brunch Guide.

Cereal Milk Punch it is.

This may not necessarily be a Mother’s Day brunch menu in the traditional sense — but it’s definitely one of my options because (a) see above and (b) Grit & Grace just revamped its brunch. I welcome any opportunity to try the new brunch menu filled with exciting things such as congee, steam buns and pickles — done G&G style.




You are missing half of your life if you’ve never had brunch at e2. You must take your Mama here. I don’t mind if my family thinks every Sunday is Mother’s Day and takes me here. First of all, and for good reason, the menu headings include three progressive levels of “omg” — namely: “omg,” “fancy omg” and “fancier omg.” If you don’t know why, check out the menu to find out. Click here — I promise it is worth it.

But after the “omg” appetizer, I have an undying devotion to the Press Plate — a generous plate of potatoes, white beans and sage and roasted tomatoes on a salad with toast. Give me a cup of coffee and then roll me out the door.



Square Café

Square Cafe is not offering a special brunch menu, BUT it has special hours. Or should I say a special HOUR. This Sunday, Square opens one hour earlier — at 7 a.m. — be there if you want to beat the crowds. And you know what they say: The early bird gets the … cinnabun swirl pancakes.




For moms with food sensitivities and allergies, the entire mind-bogglingly delicious brunch menu is gluten-free. All of it. From the magical waffles that I always start with TWO orders of — for myself — to the Indian-spiced eggs and selection of raw dishes that include a you’ve-never-tasted-anything-like-it-before almond-coconut oat cake, it can be hard to believe that 100 percent of the menu is gluten-free. No other local restaurant offers a gluten-free menu selection as wide as Eden’s.

Also, be sure to check out our list of Hot Brunch Spots for other ideas!


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