7 Off-the-Beaten Path Wedding Photo Spots (That We LOVE!)

These spots still scream Pittsburgh but they do so subtly and elegantly, just what you want on your wedding day.

Looking for somewhere unusual to take photos on your big day? These couples found beautiful spots around Pittsburgh where not everyone thinks to pose.

photos by carolyn scott photography


1. PNC Carousel at Schenley Plaza

It’s whimsical and colorful, what’s not to love? Plus, it’s a convenient location if you’re wedding at Heinz Memorial Chapel or St. Paul Cathedral in Oakland and want to take photos elsewhere in the neighborhood.

Lindsay Mellon and Jonathon Fry


photos by palermo photo


2. The “cloud” room at The Andy Warhol Museum

Anyone who’s ever been to the Warhol knows this spot, you may not think to take wedding pictures in the room. The “Silver Clouds” exhibit with floating Mylar balloons will give your pictures a fun, festive look.

Sarah Heiner and Marquis Hawkins


photos by melanie grady photography


3. Historic Pump House

Give your photos a sense of Pittsburgh history with shots in and around the Historic Pump House in Munhall.

Stefanie Fejka and Luke Dybalski


Alyssa Haak and Robert Jack. Photos by Christine Hlad Photography


4. Omni William Penn Hotel

Your kids may wonder if you were getting married in these photos or starring in a Hollywood film under these lights.

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photos by palermo photo


5. Frick Park

An urban wedding can still include lots of greenery. Take advantage of the many parks in town that provide a beautiful natural backdrop.

Tara Poropat and Patrick Rusiski


Alyssa Haak and Robert Jack. Photos by Christine Hlad Photography

6. The Monongahela Incline

You can always pose on the Mt. Washington overlooks, but you may not think to take photos in the moving incline. Have your photographer sit in the top car while you and your bridal party sit below. It’s also a good alternative to Mt. Washington in case of rainy weather.

Couple: Lauren McCormick and Scott Stepnosky. Photo by Jessica Vogelsang

photos by Mr. Esper Photography


7. West Park bridge

There are many options if you want a bridge shot among your wedding pictures. Try one of Pittsburgh’s smaller — and very picturesque — options in West Park on the North Side.

Lauren Killian and Christopher Lang



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