7 Cute Trends for Wedding Cake Toppers

How do couples top off their wedding cakes these days? We identify seven popular options that take the cake.

Anyone who’s planned a wedding knows it’s all about the details. Each little element adds up to the memorable whole, and sometimes it’s the smallest things that a guest remembers or a bride cherishes for years to come. One such fun detail? The cake topper. Most brides and grooms aren’t gravitating towards the classic side-by-side figurines anymore, so what are they opting for instead? Here are seven of the most popular top-of-the-cake trends.

photos by Beth Insalaco and Ryan Zarichnak

1. Marital monograms
Many couples tag their treats with the first letter of the groom’s last name to signify and celebrate its pending adoption by the bride. The lovebirds’ letters can go on top of the cake or on the sides.

Photos by Beth Insalaco and Maria Palermo


2. Presenting _______
In another celebration of new titles, some couples announce their new prefixes via pastry. These toppers might read “Mr. & Mrs.”, or they might include the couple’s newly shared surname.

Photos by Maria Palermo and Aaron Varga

3. Fabulous florals
Flowers are one of the most beautiful parts of a wedding, so why not put them everywhere you can? Popping petals onto a wedding cake can be a stylish, seasonal way to tie a cake to the rest of the decor.

Photos by meaghan elliot photography and aaron varga

4. The theme must go on
For couples hosting themed weddings, the cake topper is a perfect opportunity to incorporate inspiration. You can even go the extra mile and theme the whole cake, as with this haystack masterpiece served at a barn wedding.

Photos by Buzzy Photography and SKY'S THE LIMIT

5. More accurate miniatures
Traditional figurines might be out, but lots of couples choose personalized versions of the old standby, commissioning clay likenesses that reflect their stories. The first topper represents a couple who met hiking on the Appalachian Trail, while the second couple saw “Up” on their first date!

photos by willa j photograhy and maria palermo

6. Silly scenes
Other couples are presenting their personalities by capitalizing on their senses of humor. Some pairs take an already funny figurine and add personal touches to it, as with the Steelers garb this bride added to her charming characters.

photos by Rodger Obley and Weddings by Alisa

7. Bold and bare
Finally, you can always throw tradition to the wind and go sans-topper. This strategy can either keep things modern and simple, or it can leave room for an elaborate cake to speak for itself.


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