6 New Dishes at PNC Park That Will Make Your Mouth Water

Footlong hot dogs on pretzel buns? Believe it — your cardiologist will cringe.

PHOTOs BY Dave arrigo/PITTSBURGH PIRATES and Cristina Holtzer


Opening day at PNC Park. A new season filled with hope and new menu items to fill you up. We mean REALLY fill you up. Not everything is available throughout the stadium, but with so much to choose from, it might not matter.

As for what your doctor might say: It's sometimes better to ask for forgiveness rather than permission.


#PittsburghRoots: Polish Hill Cheese Steak 

Grilled kielbasa topped with peppers, onions and a healthy (?) slathering of beer-cheese sauce. Only thing missing: pierogies.

Available: General concession stands


#ButtonBuster: Cuban Pretzel Dog

Wrapped in an German-imported pretzel bun, this foot-long beef hot dog comes topped with with ham, house-smoked pork, pickles and mustard. 

Available: Riverwalk Grill (Section 144)


#PrimantiBrosInspired: The Strip District Burger 

This beef patty is topped with sweet and sour coleslaw and — what else? — French fries.

Available: Bridges Burger Co., club level


#ReubensSister: The Pittsburgh Rachel 

Perfect if you don't want to stray too far from your comfort zone: This deli staple comes with thousand island coleslaw and giant, crunchy pickles and, yeah, French fries. Pro tip: Pair with local craft beer from Penn Brewery or another favorite.

Available: PBC Grill, club level


#SlowCookin: Smokin’ Brisket Sandwich at BBQ Pit

This isn't just any brisket sandwich. The meat, rubbed with 18 different seasonings, is smoked for around 13 hours; come game day, it's topped with sriracha slaw and spicy pickles.

Available: Club or suite level


#PeanutButterlicious: Fluffernutter Pie at the Dessert Cart 

There are several new dessert options this year, including the Fluffernutter pie, a peanut butter and marshmallow pie with a Nutter Butter crust.

Available: Club or suite level



Throughout the season, select notable Pittsburgh chefs will stop by to put their stamp on the park. James Beard Foundation-recognized culinarian Jamilka Borges is one of them: On Opening Day, the executive chef at Bar Marco will cook such dishes as kanpachi in the Lexus Club.


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