5 Popular Products at the Pittsburgh Home & Garden Show

These were the things we found attracting a lot of attention.

#MakingtheCut: Ratchet pruner

photos by richard cook

It’s almost pruning season, and all of that snipping and clipping can wear out your hands in a hurry. This ratchet pruner promises to ease the fatigue with a ratcheting mechanism that increases cutting power by 700 percent. The rubber-padded grips make these lightweight, durable clippers comfortable to use.  

Regular price: $37 + shipping and handling
Home show price: $25
Exhibitor: Martrek


#HanginOut: EZHang chairs

After all of that that pruning, it’s time to chill –– right? These EZHang chairs are a cross between a hammock and a glider and can be hung indoors or out. The hammock chair (pictured) comes complete with a seat cushion and a cup holder, is weight-rated at 350 pounds and comes in a variety bright colors. Other single chairs and loveseats also are available.

Hammock Chair
Regular price: $499
Home show price: $399
Exhibitor: EzChairs.com


#CarvingCreations: Wood-carved tables, chairs, plant stands and more

Talk about recycling. These unique wood-carved collectibles come from tree roots, not the trunk or upper branches. Each is handmade, natural, organic and environmentally friendly, food-safe usable and washable. They also are guaranteed to be a conversation starter at your next gathering –– who else has a glass-table holder in the shape of a horse?
Exhibitor: Natural Wonders

#PowerShower: Ultimate hose nozzle

Who better to know about designing a hose nozzle than firefighters? Modeled after a firefighting fog nozzle, you can adjust the spray pattern from a solid stream to a broad fan. Two-way shut-off allows user to turn it on or off in either direction. Made of aircraft aluminum, heavy-duty rubber with a nylon, no-leak hose fitting –– it also sports a lifetime guarantee.

Home Show price: 1 for $30 or 2 for $50
Exhibitor: Omg Int’l


#Non-Stick: BBQ grill mat

Anyone backyard grillmeister knows that cooking fish or other flakey food on a grill nearly is impossible. Before this non-stick, reusable grill mat, the only option was to whip out the aluminum foil and hope for the best. This mat allows you to cook any type of food without it falling through the grill rack. It’s also great for preventing marinades from dribbling off into the flames. The grill mats clean up with just a little soap and water and are designed to last for years.  

Sold only at the home show
2 for $22 (includes grip and flip spatula)


#SeasonofSnow: Is it over yet?!

The folks at the National Weather Service have released this updated snowfall totals list for the eastern United States.

Bangor, Maine, got dumped on the most with 121 inches of snow. That amounts to more than 10 feet. No thanks. Pittsburgh comes in at 27th with a mere (?) 46.4 inches.

Here’s hoping the list was released now in the belief that the we’ve seen our last snowstorm until next year — because, really, who wants to see this again?




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