Hilltop Street

5 Pittsburgh Neighborhoods
On the Rise

In 2016, staff at Pittsburgh Magazine predicted which neighborhoods would become hot destinations in the next five-to-10 years.

Lawrenceville, Garfield, the Strip District and East Liberty were going gangbusters at the time, but we wanted to see what was on the horizon. Staff predictions included Polish Hill, Uptown, Larimer (home of Bakery Square and Google) and Hazelwood (home to Hazelwood Green development along the Mon River).

These predictions were spot on.

We take a fresh look at 5 Pittsburgh neighborhoods and communities on the rise — all showing new development, energy and vitality: Ambridge, Bellevue, the Hilltop neighborhoods (including Allentown and Mount Oliver), North Point Breeze and Etna.

Here are the criteria we’ve used to determine areas with great potential:

  • Is it near jobs, transportation hubs and other “happening” neighborhoods?
  • Is the community actively planning for its future?
  • Are major investments or improvements in the pipeline?
  • Based on anecdotal evidence from insiders, are newcomers starting to buy properties there?

Based on those metrics — and that indefinable feeling you get when you discover a cool new area — these are the neighborhoods we’re betting on.

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