5 Must-Visit Pittsburgh Breweries

Small breweries continue to pop up all over town. Stop by these recommended spots and stock up for fall.

photo by Laura Petrilla

We get it: The nights are shorter, the wind is colder, and it’s football season. You’re not really in the mood to explore. So we’ve done that for you — and we can recommend five great places to fill your growler with housemade craft beer to bring home for the game. (Bonus: Our After Dark blog has two more suggestions.)

Grist House Brewing

Millvale is a happening place these days, especially for family-owned businesses. You may not technically be family, but if you pop up in the taproom at Grist House Brewing, you’ll receive a familial welcome that will convince you to stay a while. You’ll find an American red ale, a session pale ale, a brown ale and an American wheat. Plus, as you’ll see with other stops on our list, occasional visits from local food trucks for your snacking delights. Best of all: This place is so much like home that you’ll be invited to bring your dog along next time.
[10 Sherman St.]

Hitchhiker Brewing Co.

If you’re bopping around the close-by burbs, we insist that you drop by Hitchhiker Brewing Co. in Mt. Lebanon. Consider traveling in accordance with HBC’s commitment to sustainable living by taking the light-rail T (a station is a block away) or riding your bike (there’s a rack right outside). Once you’ve arrived — and done your part for the environment — you’ll find a wide selection of brews including kölsch, farmhouse saison, witbier, IPA, oatmeal brown and black IPA. They’ve got housemade ginger ale and root beer, too.
[190 Castle Shannon Blvd.]


ShuBrew is both a brewpub and a marriage, the former being a seemingly natural extension of the latter. With their brews, the Shumakers invite you into their Zelienople family, and, like their clan, ShuBrew is bright and fun. The beers are small-batch, which means refined recipes and last-minute experiments to share. You can nab a session American ale, a brown ale, or even a milk stout on the dedicated taps. ShuBrew also offers a 10-percent discount for active military members.
[210 S. Main St.]

The Brew Gentlemen

Revival is getting real in Braddock, now that there’s a brewpub in town. The Brew Gentlemen Beer Co. takes on a range of beers, including an India pale ale, a session red, a wheat stout, and — get this — chai wheat beer. We know; we don’t know what to do with ourselves over that one, either. The gang also offers the “Rapid Prototype Factory Series,” which is way more fun than the name suggests (it’s a rotating selection of small-batch test beers). Hit up the food trucks that sometimes visit outside, and you’ll be all set to go.
[512 Braddock Ave.]

Roundabout Brewery

If we’re talking craft anything, we’re looking to Lawrenceville — in this case, Roundabout Brewery. These folks take their inspiration from breweries both domestic and foreign — in particular, those hailing from New Zealand. They’ve got a little something extra brewed into every beer, be it lemon, mint or a pinch of brown sugar. If your stomach’s empty, there’s often a food truck to be found out front here, too. Do us a favor: While you’re at RB, give the folks there a nudge to get an early start on next summer’s batch of the ginger, honey and lemon-infused American wheat beer. Please and thank you.
[4901 Butler St.] 


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