5 Best Things About the For the Love of Pittsburgh! Event

A welcome winter oasis, the event will feature a bounty from 65 local food purveyors.



“Baby, It’s Cold Outside” really is not a holiday song. February may be the month of love, but I have no amore for the unexpected dancing I have to do when I have to repeatedly recover from a case of icy sidewalk.

This is the month where wearing sweaters really get old. Though boots always are the sartorial highlight, I wish I could pair my collection with some skirts and tops that don’t cover up every inch of my epidermal real estate.

And those knit hats? Don’t even get me started.

OK, that is the end of my requisite “complain about winter” rant, which, as I look back on my posts, I seem to do around this time every year. Thank you for humoring me. 

But it IS a good segue to why this weekend is something that makes me happy: Farm to Table Pittsburgh is hosting its For the Love of Pittsburgh! event at Pittsburgh Public Market.

I miss farmers markets. Thank goodness the public market is open all year. It’s even better this Sunday because For the Love of Pittsburgh! will bring together 65 local food purveyors who will offer tastings of their delicious goods. Mmm, mmm, mmm.


I’m looking forward to:

Chip & Kale

Pittsburgh’s healthy-dinner subscription service delivers homecooked meals to YOUR door. It’s that easy.


John V. Heineman Co.  

This is Pittsburgh’s seriously hidden gem of a purveyor of gourmet ingredients. Have an ingredient that’s hard to find? They have it.


Naturi Greek Yogurt  

This low-sugar, high-taste yogurt comes in such flavors as chicory-coffee (yum!). Those flavored yogurts you’ve ben eating have up to 9 teaspoons of sugar (yikes); Naturi yogurt contains less and has the best flavors.



Root System Juice Company  

I know we have a number of juice companies, but if you want some potent stuff, you must try Root System.

Cooking demos!

Who doesn’t love ’em? This is your rare chance to have free bites of Keith Fuller’s food. If you want to get hungry while perusing Instagram, follow his feed — because he just teases you with amazing photos of stuff he’s making. Other featured demos: Blogger Parmesan Princess will be making a warming chili, and Ohio City Pasta will demo its handcrafted pastas.


So, for the love of Pittsburgh, bundle up, get out of the house and head to the Pittsburgh Public Market on Sunday from 4-7 p.m. Get your tickets here.

See you at the market!



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