100 Ways to Live to 100

Living by these rules will up your chances to live a longer, more healthy life.

1. Eat an apple every day.

2. Drink enough liquids.

3. Have patience as you work on healthy food choices.

4. Eat your broccoli—and red bell peppers.

5. Keep your “love handles” in check.

6. Lose 10 percent of your body weight.

7. Keep your imbibing under control.

8. Learn about diabetes.

9. Mom was right: Get a good night’s sleep.

10. Do one thing every day that gives you a sense of accomplishment.

11. Use the bathroom scale.

12. Know the symptoms of depression.

13. Focus on fiber.

15. Just exercise.

16. Be careful not to consume black, charred parts of grilled meat or fish.

17. Plan something fun.

19. Get a flu shot.

20. Take a daily multivitamin.

21. Channel your anger.

22. Move from processed foods to fresh.

23. Focus on foods, not supplements.

24. Limit your fast-food drive-throughs.

25. Learn how to read food labels.

26. Know the facts about cancer.

27. Know your family medical history.

28. Boost your daily exercise.

29. Avoid harmful rays.

30. Think Mediterranean.

31. Wear your seatbelt. Another no-brainer.

32. Get an annual physical exam.

33. Exercise as a family.

34. Get a mammogram.

35. Load up on veggies and fruit.

36. Think about the bottom line.

37. Choose a good physician.

38. Get to know your doc.

39. Have a healthy snack before dinner.

40. Take a five-minute mental vacation.

41. Exercise to fight the blues.

42. Don’t assume your doctor knows how to treat pain.

43. Be realistic about chronic pain.

44. Strive for balance in life.

45. Develop healthy relationships.

46. Exercise your brain.

47. Take care of your bones.
48. Open your mind to a body massage.

49. Consider acupuncture as a therapy.

50. Sign up for a yoga class.

51. Watch your portion sizes.

52. When it comes to food, less can be more.

53. Consider a physical trainer.

54. Wash your hands often.

55. Mentor your mitochondria.

56. Volunteer.

57. Learn how to cope with loss.

58. Use good fats such as extra-virgin olive oil to cook with.

59. Know your BMI and what it means.

61. Quit smoking.

62. Check out biofeedback.

63. Hang up and drive.

64. Limit your daily caffeine.
65. Have your moles checked.

66. Choose wheat over white.

68. Give alternative medicine a try.

69. Stay heart-healthy and save your mind.

70. Steam your vegetables.
71. Consider organic foods.

72. Learn how to improvise.

73. Men: Learn about your prostate.

74. Eat a handful of blueberries per day.

75. Rein in your finances.

76. Laugh every day.

77. Listen to your body.

78. Fish oil is your friend.

79. Try Chilean red wine instead of French.

80. Stretch when you get out of bed.

81. Skip the pop.

82. Drink more green tea.

83. Learn about healthy snacks.

84. Add a dash of turmeric.

85. Give tai chi a try.

86. Take good care of your teeth and gums.

87. Keep an eye on necessary fats. Men should have 80 to 90 grams of fat daily; women, 60 to 70 grams.

88. Practice safe sex.

89. Ask your doctor about taking a low dose of aspirin each day.

90. Adopt a pet.

91. Watch out for falling in your home.

92. Develop a sense of spirituality.

93. Be realistic about “medical cures.”

94. Be wary of your personal-care products.

95. Check out your supplements.

96. Remember that herbal products aren’t harmless.

97. Eat 1 ounce of raw-unsalted nuts more than five times per week.

98. Fix one problem at a time.

99. Assess your vices and make a plan.

100. Realize the power of self. What you eat, drink and do really does play a huge role in how long you will live.

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