10 DIY Tricks That Will Get You Organized ASAP

Use your noggin (and our cheat sheet) to keep order in your home.


Winter weather giving you cabin fever? It’s time to clean your cabin, specifically your bedroom. Without proper organization it can turn into a messy nightmare. To help you out, we’ve assembled a list of ingenious, cost-effective ways to keep everything in its proper place.

These DIY projects can be created with materials found in your home or from area reuse shops. Estimated costs are based on average fees for main supplies, but keep in mind that you should repurpose items when possible.


Suggested Supply Stores:

  • Trader Jack's Flea Market

  • Goodwill

  • Salvation Army USA

  • Red, White and Blue Thrift

  • Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse

  • Zerrer's Antiques

  • Pittsburgh Antique Shops



Problem: Bracelets, earrings, rings, pins and cufflinks
Solution: Teacups, small bowls and plates

Jewelry always ends up tangled or lost forever. If you can spare an empty drawer or shelf, there might be a storing solution for your tiny treasures. Collect some antique goblets and dishes and arrange them in an elegantly disheveled way for your space. Add jewelry. Then celebrate your fanciness.

Pro tip: Use nonslip shelf liner so your antique finds don’t end up in pieces.

[Estimated price range: $2-$10; check out the inspiration here.]

No room? Check out this space-saving trick.



Problem: Necklaces, ties and earrings
Solution: A vintage rake and a cheese grater

The most important thing about organizing is being creative and having an open mind. A rusty rake can make an excellent necklace or tie holder. A cheese grater is a simple option for displaying delicate dangling earrings.

Pro tip: Add a coat of paint to either of these objects to add some flair.

[Estimated price range: $5-$20; check out the inspiration here.]



Problem: Lots of little things  — jewelry, sewing and office supplies, and nuts and bolts
Solution: Ice cube or cupcake trays

Little things should have a little place to call home in your home. Use ice cube or cupcake trays to divide and conquer the little trinkets that plague your messy drawers.

Pro tip: Find unique tray shapes to add some style points. Save money by using egg cartons.

[Estimated price range: $2-$5; check out the inspiration here.]



Problem: Sunglasses and eyeglasses, scratched and smashed
Solution: Ribbon and material

Do you worry for your glasses’ safety? Do scratches plague your lavish lenses? Make your own hanging holder to keep your frames out of harm’s way. Use pushpins to hold up a piece of ribbon before proceeding to hang glasses. To add a touch of glam, drape a scrap of fabric over the ribbon for extra protection.

Pro tip: Find a vintage handkerchief instead of using material — less work and more style.

[Estimated price range: $4-$6; check out the inspiration here.]



Problem: Bracelets and bangles . . . all over the place
Solution: Bottle, can or small vase

Are your bangles in a bunch? Use an empty bottle to stack bracelets instead of shoving them in a jewelry bin. This easy space-saving solution will have you thinking: “Why didn’t I do this before?”

Pro tip: Bring some bracelets while searching for bottles to make sure they fit before spending money.

[Estimated price range: $2-$6; check out the inspiration here.]



Problem: Wires in a knot or MIA
Solution: Toilet paper rolls

Do your wires end up jumbled in a drawer, forcing you to separate them daily to get the one you need? Start saving your toilet paper rolls; store them in an empty bin or shoe box. Roll up the cords nicely and stuff them in. Now all you have to do is to remember to put them back where you found them.

Pro tip: Color code wire holders with different colored tape.

[Estimated price range: $4-$10; check out the inspiration here.]



Problem: Slouchy boots
Solution: Pool noodle

If winter doesn’t end, you’ll eventually have to store your precious boots in their respectful place. When incorrectly stored, boots can get damaged, causing you to be out mega bucks. By cutting up a pool noodle and stuffing pieces in the boots, your kicks will be ready for the next Pittsburgh winter — even if you won’t be.

Pro tip: After cutting the noodles, vacuum and clean the ends to avoid having a mess in your boots.

[Estimated price range: $5-$10; check out the inspiration here.]



Problem: Ties, bags, belts or scarves scattered everywhere
Solution: Shower curtain rings and a hanger

Does your collection of ties, bags, belts and scarves often end up on the floor? Clip shower curtain rings on a hanger and load them with your problem items. Switch from plastic to wooden hangers when attaching heavier items. Proceed to dance on your empty floor.

Pro tip: Put clothespins between rings to distribute weight evenly.

[Estimated price range: $5-$10; check out the inspiration here.]



Problem: Misplaced scissors and rulers
Solution: Knife block

No matter how many pairs of scissors you have, half of them will probably get lost within the next year. The same could be said for rulers.

Pro tip: Paint a pattern on the block.

[Estimated price range: $2-$5; check out the inspiration here.]



Problem: Bobby pins, lost and/or scattered everywhere
Solution: Tic Tac container

Do you tend to lose your bobby pins twice as fast as Chapstick? Stick them in a Tic Tac container that you’ll tote in your purse. Now all you have to do is not lose the pins in your purse. Or lose your purse. Or switch purses. We believe in you.

Pro tip: The Tic Tac container also can be used for storing safety pins.

[Estimated price range: $1-$2; check out the inspiration here.]

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