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Foundation of HOPE

Gifts of Time

Volunteers are always needed in our Chaplaincy, Pre-Release, Aftercare, and Diversion programs. Volunteers teach classes, visit inmates, lead worship services, serve as mentors, help with office work, and perform many other tasks. The Foundation of HOPE recruits and trains mature volunteers from religious and secular communities in the Pittsburgh area to provide vital support to our program participants and help us fulfill our organizational mission.

Donating Goods


HOPE welcomes the following types of donated paperback books (in new or good condition):

  • Bibles, commentaries, Bible study guides, concordances
  • Religious devotionals or other religious material
  • Qur’ans, Tafsirs, Hadiths
  • New World Translation Bibles, Watchtower Publications: Awake & Watchtower
  • Torah, Talmud, Prayer Books, Tnach, Jewish Chronicle, Jewish Press Magazines, and recent paperback books
  • Positive paperback books, both fiction and non-fiction (must be non-violent and have no inappropriate material)


The Pre-Release Program accepts positive DVDs (must be non-violent and have no inappropriate material)

Toiletry Items

Full-size (not trial size) toiletry items:

  • Shampoo
  • Lotion
  • Toothpaste
  • Deodorant

Sweat Suits

Many inmates arrive at the jail during the summer, but are released during the winter with only their summer clothes to wear. The Chaplains’ office provides sweat suits to inmates who need warm clothing when they are released. Please follow these donation guidelines:

  • New sweatpants/sweatshirts in sizes XL/XXL
  • No hoods, writing, or graphics
  • No red or maroon

Graduation Gifts

The HOPE Pre-Release Program rewards graduates with holy books from their faith. We are always in need of new Gift Bibles, as well as a variety of new books from other faiths.

Christmas Cards

We accept unused Christmas cards and give each inmate two cards to send at Christmas time.

Holiday Gifts for Inmates

The Chaplain’s Office gives a holiday gift to each inmate. Each package of gifts is identical and contains items such as writing tablets, pens, combs, soap, thermal shirts, packets of cocoa, candy bars, etc. Faith communities often choose one or more items to donate.

Learn more: https://www.foundationofhope.org/get-involved/

Address: 540 Suismon Street, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15209

Phone Number: 412.321.3343
Contact Name: Rev. Dr. LaWana Butler
Contact Phone Number: 412.321.3343
Contact Email: lbutler@foundationofhope.org