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5 Best Spots to Hang Out with Your Dog

For those who can’t stand the idea of leaving their dogs home alone on a beautiful day, these dog-friendly stores, restaurants and bars in the Pittsburgh area welcome humans and canines alike.

The 5 Best Movie Theaters in Pittsburgh

A movie-going experience is about more than just the movie. PM Film Critic Sean Collier takes a break from movie reviews and shares the best spots for cocktails, classics and comfort.

Five Inexpensive But Memorable Date Spots in Pittsburgh

These spots are tailored for couples who are looking for a simple, chill night out on Valentine’s Day (or any other day). If your significant other isn’t the type to be wooed by expensive wines and chocolates, this is the list for you.

Best Indie Bookstores in Pittsburgh

The economy and highly accessible digital media has not been kind to brick-and-mortar book shops. But several independently owned bookstores have managed to make names for themselves.

The 5 Best Seats at PNC Park

So where are the best seats in the house? Nearly every vantage point at intimate PNC Park is picturesque and memorable, but depending on how you like to experience a game, we can recommend a few favorites

8 Best Hidden Museums in Pittsburgh

You’ve seen the dinosaurs at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History and the soup cans at The Andy Warhol Museum. They’re great spots. But if you’re looking for something a little more intimate, less crowded and funkier, try these out for a change.

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