Oakland: Then and Now

The big difference between Oakland circa 1900 and today? Lots more parking.

Cathedral of Learning under construction in 1930 vs. today


This fascinating photo collection was put together by Bill Price (aka the industrious LinguistHere on reddit). You might remember Mr. Price’s work from our "100 Years of Pittsburgh Trolleys" post. This week, he dove head first once more into the depths of the Historic Pittsburgh Image Collection to find these images of a very spacious Oakland from the early 1900s.

Pros: Unlimited buggy parking. Quaint brick roads. Non-ironic men's hats. Forbes Field!

Cons: No late-night O fries. Black lung. The only Steelers in existence were actual Steelers.


1897: Carnegie Library



1909: Corner of Craig Street and Forbes Avenue



1900s: The Iroquois Apartments, Forbes Avenue



1910: Phipps Conservatory



1907: Interior garden at Phipps Conservatory



1905: Schenley Bridge


Bonus: Here’s Dr. Jonas Salk administering a Polio vaccine at the University of Pittsburgh in 1955.



For more, visit the Historic Pittsburgh Image Collection. It’s all the fun and procrastination of a YouTube puppy video spiral without all the guilt.

Current photos via Google Street View and Flickr

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