Expert Designer Helps You Create an Established Home

Interior designer Vicci Franz shares her secrets on how to create a well designed home.

You have a great job and were able to buy your dream home. But when you return home at the end of a long day, the inside feels more like a college dorm than your personal refuge. This realization sparks the reality that it is time to update your home’s interior.

Inspiration can come from many sources — you may scour Pinterest, magazines or advertisements for inspiration, but don’t forget that different rooms within your home may have different atmospheres or styles. According to interior designer Vicci Franz, this is where a designer will help you pull it all together.

“Collect your favorite images and see what styles feel right for each space in your home,” Franz says. “How should the family room feel? The kitchen? Your master bedroom? Think about the feelings you want to have in the room and the style you are considering, and then see if the two are a match.”

With the help of a designer, you will be able to avoid fads and create a well-designed home, ensuring that you will love the styles you selected for five to ten years to come.

“Designed spaces tend to be easier to live with for a longer period of time,” Franz says.

An interior designer also helps you make large purchasing decisions. You will not waste a lot of money and time on an update that is common or uninspired. A professionally designed home often appeals to a wider market.

“When a designer completes a room, all of the pieces are to scale, and the colors and patterns are in harmony,” Franz says. “The room will look like it is ready for a magazine shoot.”

According to Franz, it takes many hours to compose a beautiful room — and when you multiply the effort required for several rooms or an entire home, it turns into a full-time job. By engaging a professional to take care of the details for you, you will save time, and your dream home will be completed sooner.

“There is a great sense of calm and pride when you return home to experience your finished, beautiful home,” Franz says. “The pride of creating an impressive home begins with a well conceived plan.”

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