25 Great Destinations in Pittsburgh Worthy of Your Time

If you’ve followed all of our instructions in the 2019-2020 City Guide, you’ve hit many of the city’s most beloved locations and plenty of hidden treasures. There are plenty of treasured local landmarks that didn’t quite fit into any of our neighborhood itineraries, however — and they’re worth a special trip.

City Guide 2018-2019: Eat

If you’ve read our story on “How (and Where and When) to Dine Out with Kids,” you already have some smart strategies on what to do while you’re out. Here are some of our favorite places to put them to use.

City Guide 2018-2019: Shop

Shopping with kids can be less than fun, unless you’re shopping at one of these locally owned brick-and-mortar or online stores. From the things the kids want (toys!) to the things they need (cool clothes and quality furniture), here’s where to go to get the goods.


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