This Is Us

Zack Block

The Executive Director of Repair the World Pittsburgh finds inspiration in a tenet of Judaism called b’Tzelem Elohim.

Marita Garrett

Wilkinsburg’s mayor has handed out masks, helped her constituents navigate their new reality and continued to provide food and resources to the community. And somewhere in there she found time to rescue a shelter dog.

Phil Gruszka

At the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy, a team works against time to keep a valuable city resource looking healthy and normal.

Saige Smith

The local actress and musician has dreams of getting back on the stage, but in the meantime she’s helping her community and making music from home.

Brian Deutsch

Brian Deutsch splits his time between Panda Supermarket and his work-from-home job for Pitt, exposing him to multiple sides of the pandemic.

Kelly McBride

A Duquesne University graduate joins thousands of her fellow college graduates nationwide as they try to figure out their next steps into an uncertain future.