PM Staff

Kristy Locklin, Food Editor

Kristy Locklin was born and raised in the ‘Burgh and got her start in local journalism at The Pitt News in the late-1990s. She’s worked for various media outlets during her career, including Pittsburgh City Paper, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Local-Pittsburgh, Very Local Pittsburgh and NEXTpittsburgh. With an appetite for good food and adventure (and a thirst for craft beer), she happily navigates the Steel City dining scene in search of the perfect Reuben. [; (412) 304-0926]

Abigail Hakas, Editorial Intern

Abigail is a sophomore at Chatham University where she is majoring in Creative Writing and writes for the student paper, the Communiqué. Her long-term goals include getting a graduate degree in Journalism, adopting a pitbull and getting her poetry published in a national journal.

Haley Rotter, Brand Manager

Haley is a vegan who is very passionate about animals and the planet. In her free time, you can find her at local vegan spots, traveling the globe, reading, or spending time with friends and family. Haley started her full-time position in November 2021, however before that she was a marketing intern for two semesters during her time at Robert Morris University. [; (412) 304-0908]

Betty Yee Yates, Prepress Manager

Betty Yee Yates has been handling pre-production of Pittsburgh Magazine since 2009. She assembles each issue, checks that all files conform to printer specifications and nags everyone to meet deadlines. She and her husband like to take walks where she finds inspiration in nature for botanical illustrations.[; (412) 304-0917]

Caite Miller, Marketing & Events Coordinator

Caite Miller is Pittsburgh Magazine's Marketing & Events Coordinator. She handles all digital and print marketing as well as coordinating the 10+ events Pittsburgh Magazine hosts each year. In her spare time, you can find Caite attending a concert or teaching dance at Joy School of Dance in Crafton/Ingram. [; (412) 304-0914]

Jeanne Moore-Yount, Senior Advertising Manager

Jeanne Moore-Yount is an experienced, seasoned advertising and marketing executive with an extensive background in print and digital media. She and her husband own a 52-acre gentleman’s farm in Crawford County where they raised their son and daughter. She loves shopping second-hand stores, the Pittsburgh Penguins, spending time with friends and doting over her young grandson. [; (412) 304-0915]

Jessica Sinichak, HOME Editor

HOME editor Jessica Sinichak is a former reporter and a current design enthusiast who’s always moving things around in her house. She lives in the northern ‘burbs with her husband, two little girls, Aurelia and Scarlett, and their yellow lab. She joined the Pittsburgh Magazine staff in 2014. [; (412) 304-0910]

Lauren Davidson, Associate Editor

Lauren Davidson joined Pittsburgh Magazine as an associate editor in 2013 and specializes in coverage of weddings and the arts. She got her journalism start at The Pitt News at the University of Pittsburgh, and has worked as a reporter and editor at various publications locally and in New England. A New Castle native, she lives in Edgewood with her editor husband, four children and one affectionate cat. (; (412) 304-0916]

Sean Collier, Managing Editor

Sean Collier began freelancing with Pittsburgh Magazine in 2009 and joined the staff in 2011, where he now serves as managing editor. He’s also a Rotten Tomatoes film critic, a stand-up comic and the co-founder of Vigilance Theater Group, a Pittsburgh-based immersive company for which he has written several interactive plays. He’s a devotee of horror movies and professional wrestling, but try not to hold that against him. [; (412) 304-0923]

Richard Cook, Director, Digital Media

Richard Cook joined Pittsburgh Magazine in 2014 after a career in television and radio news. He and his wife raised their three sons in the North Hills and recently welcomed twin grandchildren to the family mix. [; (412) 304-0927]

Huck Beard, Creative Director

Huck Beard joined Pittsburgh Magazine as Art Director in 2010. A photographer, writer and musician, he is also the founder of the Abandoned Pittsburgh gallery. He lives in the North Hills with his husband and Humphrey, the Portuguese Water Dog. [; (412) 304-0924]

Virginia Linn, Editor

Virginia Linn joined Pittsburgh Magazine as editor in August 2021 after many years in local journalism. She and her husband raised their three kids in the city’s East End near Frick Park, her favorite spot in Pittsburgh. She’s got a good sense of direction, especially when there’s an ice cream shop near her destination. [; (412) 304-0921]

Betsy Benson – Publisher & Vice President

Betsy Benson joined the magazine in 2002 as Editor/Publisher after a long career in business journalism. She loves to watch the antics of the deer and the birds from her Mt. Lebanon deck, where she lives with her husband, daughter and two cats. [; (412) 304-0920]