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Pittsburgh Then and Now

Pittsburgh Then & Now is a yearlong series in celebration of Pittsburgh Magazine's 50th anniversary where we explore the changes that have happened across the region from 1969 until present-day.

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Pittsburgh Then and Now: The Boulevard of the Allies

Before its completion, the Boulevard of the Allies was considered the most expensive road in the world.

Pittsburgh Then and Now: Entrance to Highland Park

The majestic gates on either side of the entrance to Highland Park have stood for more than a century.

Pittsburgh Then and Now: Liberty Avenue in the Strip District

Much has changed in the last 50 years at this busy intersection at the end of the Strip District.

Pittsburgh Then and Now: Washington Monument on North Side

Allegheny Commons Park retains the remnants of its original Victorian-era design. This equestrian statue of George Washington is a key element within the park.

Our 50 Years: Why This Movie Landed on Our Cover

Hollywood could be found on the Mon, quite literally, in 1993 — leading to some fawning coverage of the mostly forgotten (but very, very Pittsburgh-centric) action flick “Striking Distance.”

Pittsburgh Then and Now: Mount Washington Overlook

The platforms along Grandview Avenue provide panoramic city skyline views to thousands of visitors each year.

Pittsburgh Then and Now: The Greyhound Bus Station

Just about everything has changed since the first Greyhound Bus depot opened in Pittsburgh, except its location.

Pittsburgh Then and Now: Pittsburgh International Airport

Just like the homes of the Steelers, Pirates and Penguins — the terminal at Pittsburgh International Airport looks nothing like it did 50 years ago.

Our 50 Years: The First Best of the 'Burgh List

In 1978, a future CNN bureau chief wrote our inaugural best-of feature — and, surprisingly, many of his picks are still available today.

Pittsburgh Then and Now: Taylor Allderdice High School

A number of famous celebrities have graduated from the Squirrel Hill high school.

Our 50 Years: The Best Restaurants of 1999

Twenty years later, nearly everything about our best restaurants list is different. But our picks for the best of 1999 hint at the great leap forward that was on the horizon.

Pittsburgh Then and Now: Fort Pitt Museum

The museum is marking its 50th anniversary as the historical marker to the birthplace of Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh Then and Now: Fifth Avenue School

Among the school's most notable alumni are a former Pittsburgh mayor and Allegheny County's most well-known forensic pathologist.

Our 50 Years: Revisiting Our Snarky Period

Back in the bodacious ’80s, the editors of Pittsburgh Magazine were more than happy to roast deserving targets in a yearly round-up of shame.

Pittsburgh Then and Now: Carnegie Lake

From boating hotspot to fishing hole, this lake located within Highland Park has undergone many changes in its 150-year history.

Pittsburgh Then and Now: The View from Mt. Washington

The iconic view of Pittsburgh began a significant transformation 50 years ago.

Pittsburgh Then and Now: Forbes Avenue in Squirrel Hill

Fifty years later, two venerable businesses are still in business along this busy stretch of Forbes Avenue in Squirrel Hill.

Pittsburgh Then and Now: Primanti Bros.

Much has changed on the outside of Primanti Bros. flagship restaurant in the Strip District, but on the inside, their way of making sandwiches remains the same.

Pittsburgh Then and Now: Presbyterian Hospital

Medical history was made several times over since Presbyterian Hospital was established in 1893.

Pittsburgh Then and Now: Verona's Doughboy Statue

The copper-colored statue, created to honor World War I veterans, has been the victim of several disasters.

Our 50 Years: A Look Back at Ads You Won't See Anymore

An “In Memoriam” segment for those products and services that are unlikely to ever advertise again.

Pittsburgh Then and Now: The Hulton Bridge

The first Jonathon Hulton Bridge lasted for more than a century before it was replaced. An attempt to rename it, however, lasted just three days.

Pittsburgh Then and Now: The Stanley Theatre

Entertainers ranging from Frank Sinatra to the Grateful Dead performed at the Stanley Theatre, built in 1928. Today, with a new name, it remains one of the city's most well-known venues.

Pittsburgh Then and Now: The National Aviary

The National Aviary’s first room received a $1.2 million renovation last summer.

Our 50 Years: Rules for Dating in Pittsburgh in 1984

We took a serious look at romance. But with advice ranging from making sure restaurants have seductive lighting to the benefits of owning your own mansion, was it really meant to be serious?

Pittsburgh Then and Now: Forbes Avenue in Oakland

The biggest change in the last 50 years on this busy street is the surface of the street itself.

Pittsburgh Then and Now: Nicholas Coffee in Market Square

The family-owned business celebrates its 100th birthday this year.

Pittsburgh Then and Now: Candy-Rama

At the height of its five-decade run, the family-owned business operated three stores Downtown.

Pittsburgh Then and Now: The Monongahela Incline

Built five years after the end of the Civil War, the Monongahela Incline is now a tourist attraction. It also continues to fulfill its original intention, to ferry Pittsburghers up and down Mount Washington.

Our 50 Years: Why I Hate Nostalgia

Enjoying memories is fun – but a far cry from pining for the past.

Our 50 Years: When We Tried to Predict the Future

25 years ago, we predicted what the Pittsburgh of 2019 would look like. We were ... close?

Pittsburgh Then and Now: Downtown's Tallest Skyscraper

At the time of its opening in 1971, the 64-story U.S. Steel Tower was the tallest building in the United States between New York and Chicago.

Pittsburgh Then and Now: The North Shore

In 50 years, much has changed on Pittsburgh's North Shore. An area that was mostly parking lots is now bustling with an office park, restaurants, hotels, a concert venue and two stadiums.

Pittsburgh Then and Now: The Cathedral of Learning

In 50 years, much has changed inside and outside the most recognizable building at the University of Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh Then and Now: Hillman Library

At Hillman Library on the University of Pittsburgh's campus, the most noticeable difference between now and 50 years ago is that there is no longer a baseball stadium nearby.

Our 50 Years: What's In The First Issue of Pittsburgh Magazine

In the first issue of Pittsburgh Magazine, we asked some of the same questions that are on our minds today. We also really liked listening to the radio.
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