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HOME Winter 2019

There’s a reason a cliché is a cliché, right? 

The start of a New Year traditionally begins with resolutions, usually calling for a positive change (hey there, eating healthier and exercising). The January HOME magazine is no different. 

Throughout the Winter edition, you’ll find several exciting new features, including Things We Love — which is a great opportunity to check out what local retailers have to offer — and My Favorite Room.

For the kickoff of this section, I wanted to include a familiar — and beloved — Pittsburgher, one who happened to recently remodel her kitchen. I’m talking, of course, about Heather Abraham. 

If you’ve ever watched Heather as a news anchor on KDKA-TV or hosting “Pittsburgh Today Live,” you know she’s friendly, charming and intelligent. She’s no different off air. 

For our interview, Heather graciously welcomed me into her home. Over a pot of coffee and some chocolates in her revamped dining room, we talked about the renovation process, yes, but also about parenting and being a working mom. As it happens, Heather and I both have little girls around the same age, so there was a lot of common ground. You can learn more about Heather’s family life, and how the renovation affected it, here.

Sometimes, a story finds you. 

That was the case with Dick and Vicki Mallary. Full disclosure, the Mallarys entered their renovated Gateway Towers condo in last year’s Best of Design contest. Their entry was a serious contender in the Best Renovation category, but judges ultimately decided on another winner. The Mallarys’ apartment was clearly special though, and I made a mental note to follow up on it. Instead, the Mallarys got to me first. 

The couple sent a lovely email describing what it was like to overhaul a home located in one of Downtown’s older, but well-located, high-rise buildings (spoiler alert: it’s complicated) as well as their desire to return to Pittsburgh after a long absence. Learn more about their urban life here

Patricia Sheahan is another interesting Pittsburgher who reached out to me. The South Side resident’s loft/gallery space is filled with one-of-a-kind items. You can check out her collection of art and antiques, and how she incorporates them into everyday life, by going here.

After reading about how natural materials were one of the hot trends to emerge from the fall High Point Market in Down to Earth, I’m dismayed I didn’t hold on to the 1970s-era rattan end table my maternal grandmother bequeathed to me. In my defense, they were falling apart, but still, lesson learned — never throw out anything from grandma. As the cliché goes, everything old becomes new again, especially in the fashion and design world. 

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