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Find a Restaurant

  • 5528 Walnut Street

    Pittsburgh, PA 15232



    Category: American, Contemporary

  • 2112 Murray Ave.

    Pittsburgh, PA


    Category: Pizza

  • 630 Washington Rd.

    Pittsburgh, PA 15228


    Category: Middle Eastern

  • 5104 Liberty Ave., Bloomfield

    PA 15224


    Category: Italian

  • 17 Grant Ave., Etna

    PA 15223


    Category: Italian

  • 804 E. Warrington Ave., Allentown

    PA 15210


    Category: Italian

  • 2034 Murray Ave., Squirrel Hill

    Pittsburgh, PA 15217


    Category: Bakery

  • 315 N. Craig St., Oakland

    Pittsburgh, PA


    Category: Indian

  • 46 Fox Chapel Road

    Pittsburgh, PA 15238


    Category: Italian

  • 7221 Church Ave

    Ben Avon, PA 15202


    Category: Coffee & Tea

  • 510 Market St.

    Pittsburgh, PA


    Category: Wine Bar

  • 111 Middle Ave.

    Wilmerding, PA 15148


    Category: Italian

  • 2350 Noblestown Rd., Green Tree

    Pittsburgh, PA 15205


    Category: Asian

  • 4604 Penn Ave.

    Pittsburgh, PA


    Category: Global

  • Nemacolin Woodlands Resort, 1001 Lafayette Dr.

    Farmington, PA 15437


    Category: American

  • Caste Village

    5301 Grove Rd.

    Pittsburgh, PA 15236


    Category: American

  • 6736 Reynolds St.

    Pittsburgh, PA


  • 946 Penn Ave., downtown

    Pittsburgh, PA 15222


  • Nemacolin Woodlands Resort

    1001 Lafayette Dr.

    Farmington, PA 15437


    Category: American

  • 2352A Golden Mile Highway

    Plum, PA 15239


    Category: Asian

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Best Restaurants in Pittsburgh in 2019

Our annual roundup of Pittsburgh's Best Restaurants covers a lot of ground. The list of 30 includes everything from fine dining at a resort hotel to a scrappy, farm-to-table breakfast and lunch counter in Bloomfield.

Want to enhance your listing with images, additional services and more? 

Lauren Abbott at 412-304-0901

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