The Food Lovers' Guide to Pittsburgh

We’ve outlined some of the most scrumptious producers and purveyors in the region—from farms to specialty stores and everything in between.

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It’s happened to almost all of us: After a long day, you come home to find there’s nothing in the fridge—well, nothing safe to eat, anyway. And even if there were, the prospect of cooking tonight is bringing on a panic attack. Never fear: Delicious food is just a phone call (or short drive) away! Local food blog Burghilicious asked, “What’s your go-to takeout option?” From barbecue to sushi to pizza, here are the most mouth-watering recommendations from Pittsburghers.

Fat Head’s Saloon
1805 E. Carson St., South Side; 412/431-7433,

“The classic bacon cheeseburger is full of flavor and cooked to order. It always brings me joy.” — Jenn T., Regent Square

The Green Mango
1109 S. Braddock Ave., Regent Square; 412/244-3310
3462 William Penn Highway, Monroeville; 412/ 824-9500
142 W. Bridge St., Homestead; 412/476-9100

“King tofu is my ultimate takeout favorite because not only is it delicious, but the portions are generous enough to cover lunch the next day.” — Monica C.,  Regent Square

How Lee Chinese Restaurant
5888 Forbes Ave., Squirrel Hill;  412/422-1888

“The pork-fried rice has lots of veggies, and the steamed dumplings have the perfect ratio of meat to pastry.” — Cate S., East Liberty

La Tavola Italiana
1 Boggs Ave., Mt. Washington; 412/481-6627,

“The pizza margherita has the homemade taste of grandma’s without the lecture about your long hair or why you don’t have a girlfriend.” — Joel A., Bloomfield

Mad Mex
Multiple locations;

“Mad Mex has takeout salad prep down to a science: cold things in one container, hot things in another and wet things in a third, which means the salad tastes as good at home as it does in the restaurant.” — Andrea S., Highland Park

Nicky’s Thai Kitchen
856 Western Ave., North Side; 412/321-8424,

“Pad thai and dumplings go great with friends and glasses of wine, and won’t make you feel terrible after you eat, like some other takeout might.” — Jen O., North Side

People’s Indian
5147 Penn Ave., #1, Bloomfield; 412/661-3160

“I love the chana masala with sides of raita and naan. The perfect accompaniment is the homemade chai, which is better than any coffee shop’s.” — Cari T., Allison Park

Pesaro’s Pizza
Multiple locations;

“The Greek pizza was the first meal we had when we moved into our new house. They’ve got great sauce.” — Sara R., Lawrenceville

Pho Minh
4917 Penn Ave., Garfield; 412/661-7443

“A hot, fragrant bowl of spicy rare-beef pho with fresh basil, lime juice and hoisin will cure what ails you for $6.” — Todd O., Garfield

Smiling Banana Leaf
5901 Bryant St., Highland Park; 412/362-3200,

“It’s super convenient to pick up rad na, pumpkin curry and fresh rolls on your way to a Highland Park picnic.” — Martha R., Highland Park

Spak Brothers
5107 Penn Ave., Garfield; 412/362-7725,

“A Philly seitan hoagie is super good, super quick and super cheap. It’s everything I need.” — Andrea L., Bloomfield

Sushi Three
299 Beverly Road, Mt. Lebanon; 412/344-7874

“Anything with avocado and cream cheese is bound to be good, so I like the Shadyside roll.”  — Emily C., Green Tree

Szmidt’s Old-World Deli
509 Greenfield Ave., Greenfield; 412/904-3558

“The ‘rages’ are sandwiches topped with homemade pierogies. They make the bread, meats and spreads, so everything is super-fresh.” — Eileen S., Greenfield

Wilson’s Bar-B-Q
700 N. Taylor Ave., North Side; 412/322-7427

“This is a barbecue institution in Pittsburgh. It’s smoky and perfectly done. Get everything. Seriously, everything.” — Andrew T., Lawrenceville

Zaw’s Asian Food
2110 Murray Ave., Squirrel Hill; 412/ 521-3663

“I’ve tried General Tso’s at a lot of places, but none do it as well as Zaw’s. I don’t know if they use better ingredients or different proportions, but I love it.” — Eric W., Greenfield

3 Burghilicious Takeout Favorites

Rose Tea Café
5874 ½ Forbes Ave., Squirrel Hill; 412/421-2238

My husband introduced me to takeout from this tiny, authentic Taiwanese restaurant on one of our first dates. We love the steamed dumplings, Taiwanese chunk chicken, beef with hot peppers and any dish with the fat rice noodles.

City Oven
3025 Banksville Road, Banksville; 412/344-3420,

This wood-fired pizza shop has ovens built into an old coal mine. Get the vodka pizza with vodka cream sauce and provolone and Mozzarella cheeses. The herb-crusted wings are for special occasions.

Dormont Dogs
2911 Glenmore Ave., Dormont; 412/343-0234

I get the Texas Avenue dog with chili, cheddar, sour cream and Fritos, while my husband orders the Connecticut Avenue dog with cole slaw, baked beans and onions. Then we split a bruschetta dog with pesto cream, Parmesan and tomatoes.

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