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Welcome to the New Dentistry (Care for a Massage?)

As dentistry advances, When is the last time you had a massage after a treatment or an apple while you waited?

Top Dentists 2013

This year's group of 327 top dentists represents nine specialties, including orthodontics.

Best Doctors 2013

The 629 top-ranked physicians in our region across 38 specialties.

8 Incredible Medical Stories

Local patients and doctors share eight remarkable tales of real-life medical drama right here in Pittsburgh.

Top Dentists 2012

Introducing the 270 top-rated dentists across 7 specialties.

Fight Tooth Trauma

Why young athletes should never take the field without a mouthguard.

Best Doctors 2012

The 579 top-ranked physicians in our region across 39 specialties.

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So You Think You Can Dance?

Even if you're an amateur, Bodiography welcomes you to visit its newly expanded studio for an all-levels class.

Trailing Off: 3 Must-Use City Bike Paths

Break out your bicycle, and stretch your legs before taking a long ride around the city.

Core Values

A workout with a Penguins connection can help you flex your way to fitness.

Pittsburgher of the Year

Pittsburgher of the Year: Mario Lemieux

Mario Lemieux saved hockey in Pittsburgh — twice. Now his biggest goal is saving lives.

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