The 412

Pittsburgh Has 'America's Ugliest Accent'

The results of the Gawker poll are in: We’re No. 1.

“Yinzer Goosebumps” Series Parodies the Horrors of 'Burgh Life

The great Benstonium is at again with this set of faux book covers.

The Great Pittsburgh Protractor Mystery

Hundreds of protractors have been placed throughout the city. No one seems to know why.

Great Minds

Duquesne Garners High-level Counseling Accreditation

It's also one of the first programs in Pennsylvania to receive it.

Sebak's Secrets of the City

Trick or Treatment

The scariest visitor to Pittsburgh wasn't a who — but a what. Rick Sebak recaps some of our microscopic adversaries.

Pittsburgh at Work

How's Work?: House Historian

Carol Peterson looks into the history of local homes.

How's Work?: Pittsburgh's Sultan of Dance

Meet Hakan, one of the nation's few male belly dancers.

How's Work?: A Friendly Airport Raptor Catcher

Meet Bobby Hromack, a wildlife biologist at Pittsburgh International Airport.


Big Money, Big Questions

Thanks to Pittsburgh’s foundations, we survived the steel crash and fought our way out of the Great Recession. Now, after recent shakeups at some of the region’s major philanthropic organizations, what lies ahead in Pittsburgh’s big-monied world of giving?

Made in Pittsburgh

The city of steel always has been known for its industry – what we make. Today, that defining characteristic expands beyond manufacturing into every aspect of modern life.

Who Are Pittsburgh's Best Professors?

Whether they’re humanizing robots or illuminating human history, some of the finest minds working in higher education today can be found in Pittsburgh.

Pedal Power

Michael Brown’s creates bicycles for those who can't ride a traditional set of wheels.

You Can Now 3-D Print at the Carnegie Library (For Free)

You don’t need to buy your own 3-D printer to create sweet stuff — you just need to visit the Carnegie Library.

You Should Know: Elwin Green

The former newspaper reporter brings his journalistic skills home to celebrate the legacy and encourage the transformation of Homewood.

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