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Great Minds

West Virginia University Adding 'Big Data' Degree

Offered through the university’s College of Business and Economics, the degree focuses on examining and interpreting large amounts of data in the global marketplace

Robert Morris University Has Lots of Positive News

Days after hiring a new president, the school's professor Suzan Kardong-Edgren became the first faculty member selected as Fellow of the American Academy of Nursing.
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The 412

Pittsburgh is Among The Top Resilient Cities in The World

Standing alongside greats like Bangkok, London, and San Francisco, Pittsburgh joins the “A-Team” of strong and healthy cities.

Because a Pirates Fan Can't Watch This Enough

"I know that playing on the road can rattle you sometimes, but this is ridiculous!" – Announcer Ron Darling, Oct. 1, 2013.

Must See: Pirates' Mini-Mascot Rides to Edge of Space

Attached to a weather balloon, the Pirates Parrot action figure rose 18 miles above PNC Park with HD cameras recording the incredible view.
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Sebak's Secrets of the City

The Time 'Wrong-Way Corrigan' Came to Town

The aviator famous for a risky intercontinental journey once planned a Pittsburgh visit.
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Pittsburgh at Work

How's Work?: His Job Is to Help Repair the World

Zack Block runs the Pittsburgh branch of a national nonprofit who's mission is to inspire young Jewish adults to build and transform communities.

He Runs a Fleet of Cabs and One Unique Barbecue

The head of the Pittsburgh Transportation Group has a very tasty side gig.

The Woman Determined to Grow Pittsburgh's Urban Forest

Danielle Crumrine wants everyone to realize the economic, social, and health benefits that trees provide.
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Why You Should Know Cynthia Liefeld

At first, she simply wanted to make a donation to a crisis center. Now she heads a nonprofit organization that raises awareness for victims of domestic violence.

Hit the Street: 7 Things We Love About West View

Check out this city neighborhood with family-owned businesses, great chocolate and authentic Italian food.

Proudly Made in Pittsburgh: Inside 10 Family Businesses

Many family-owned and operated businesses that have been around for generations still are thriving today in Pittsburgh. We take you behind the scenes of 10 companies that are carrying on their legacies close to home.

She is The Keeper of the Nations

E. Maxine Bruhns has worked with the University of Pittsburgh's Nationality Rooms for 50 years -- and at age 91, she shows no sign of slowing down.

Meet The Famous Architect of Pittsburgh's First Iconic Buildings

Daniel Burnham designed more buildings in Pittsburgh than any other city outside of his native Chicago. Although a few have not survived the test of time, other icons he contributed to the Steel City landscape are enjoying a renaissance.

Urban Design Dreams: Improving Careers & Neighborhoods

Erica Cochran, an assistant professor at CMU, is working to simultaneously diversify Pittsburgh's urban design industry and help neighborhoods in need.

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