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The Last (Curtain) Call April 2014

The Last (Curtain) Call

Recounting the 90-year-old tale of Eleonora Duse, once the most famed actress in the world, who spent her final days in an Oakland hotel.

The Prince Was Charming March 2014

The Prince Was Charming

When the Prince of Wales paid us a visit in the late '80s, he proposed changes and made a crowd laugh with his plan for seeing the view of the city.

George Washington's 7 Trips to Pittsburgh Were Certainly Eventful February 2014

George Washington's 7 Trips to Pittsburgh Were Certainly Eventful

A look back at our nation’s first president’s many visits. Don’t worry — we’ll save the best (and first) for last.

Lucky Lindy's Pitt Stop January 2014

Lucky Lindy's Pitt Stop

A look back at Charles Lindbergh's visit to the Steel City while on a whirlwind tour.

A Little Witchcraft in the Neighborhood November 2013

A Little Witchcraft in the Neighborhood

The time Mister Rogers welcomed the Wicked Witch of the West with open arms.

Glass Goes to Class October 2013

Glass Goes to Class

Before he became one of America's most influential musicians, Philip Glass was a composer-in-residence for the Pittsburgh Public Schools.

Stars over Kennywood September 2013

Stars over Kennywood

Sebak recounts tales of Kennywood’s tendency to book big-name acts and celebs, including The Lone Ranger.

Liberace’s Lawrenceville Miracle August 2013

Liberace’s Lawrenceville Miracle

How the singer’s life was saved at a Pittsburgh hospital after a bizarre health scare in 1963.

When Sousa Marched Through Town July 2013

When Sousa Marched Through Town

In the late 1870s, John Philip Sousa’s vaudeville orchestra caused a Beatlemania-style moral panic in Pittsburgh.

Rip This Joint June 2013

Rip This Joint

Take a trip back to 1964, when the Rolling Stones made their maiden voyage to Pittsburgh and played in front of a crowd of 400.