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The 412

How Do Pittsburgh Drivers Stack Up in Safety Rankings?

According to annual insurance company data, Pittsburghers need a crash course in crash avoidance.

Where Your House Sells the Quickest in the Pittsburgh Area

The real-estate website Zillow has ranked the region's 50 hottest housing markets. Do you live in one of them?

Verses Koufax and the Babe - Clemente Wins in a Rout

It was no contest among voters asked to choose which portrait among the three baseball greats should hang in the Smithsonian.
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PittGirl: Michael Vick Signing is More of the Same from Steelers

She says the past decade has been a rude awakening into what "The Steeler Way" now means.
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Eat Street

How to Make Pittsburgh-Area Farmers Markets Better

Market managers, farmers and customers all can play a role in making markets live up their potential.
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The Best Blog

The 5 Best Seats at PNC Park

With every remaining home game against a divisional opponent — and a pivotal three-game set against the St. Louis Cardinals on deck for Sept. 28-30 — you’ll want a great view of the action.
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After Dark

Restored Lawrenceville Pub & Restaurant Off to a Strong Start

The building at 3523 Penn Ave. has spent a lot of time as a place for Lawrenceville residents to meet and raise their glasses.
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Brazen Kitchen

How to Make Healthy School Lunches Your Kids Will Love

I have come up with a system that almost is foolproof for us: healthy breakfasts and packed lunches that are quick, easy and protest-free. Isn’t the latter the key?
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Beyond the Cookie Table

Four Expert Tips for Choosing The Perfect Wedding Flowers

Even the smallest details of a wedding affect what flower a couple should choose. These florists are here to help you decide.
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Working The Count

Steelers Offense Too Strong to Bet Against

Conditions look bleak for the black-and-gold, with unfortunate injuries and suspensions ruling the pre-season. Just remind yourself: In Ben We Trust.
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Cross It Off Your Pittsburgh Bucket List

Just for yinz, Romeo Delivers, Inc. creates a bucket that contains 25 must-do adventures around the ‘Burgh.
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City Guide: Terrific Things to Do in the 'Burgh and Beyond

The towns, neighborhoods, boroughs, main streets and small corners of western Pennsylvania that we call home -- and what we love about them.

Best Restaurants 2015

Which 33 establishments did our independent Restaurant Review Panel include among its top picks this year? Find them here.

20 Great Biking & Hiking Trails in Western Pennsylvania

Each trail has been lovingly constructed and maintained, using old infrastructure to reconnect disparate communities.

The 50 Best Drinks in Pittsburgh

Beer, wine, cocktails, coffee and beyond.
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From The Magazine

50 Most Powerful People in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Magazine consulted dozens of power brokers and behind-the-scene players to determine and rank the 50 individuals who, in Pittsburgh, make things happen.

15 of Pittsburgh's Future Power Brokers

According to the region's behind-the-scene players, these individuals are some of the city's rising stars.

Audacious Autumn: Fashions for Fall

Fall once again proffers a plethora of trends in womenswear, directional dicta that reflect hope and fantasy.

Aggressive and Adaptable: Pirates' All-Star Gerrit Cole

Entering into the final weeks of the 2015 regular season, pitcher Gerrit Cole has emerged as the Pirates’ ace.

At täkō - Terrific Tacos and Tequila Are Just The Beginning

Richard DeShantz and Tolga Sevdik strike again with täkō, their taco-centric downtown eatery with an extensive tequila selection.

A Sign That This Time, It's Good to Part with the Past

Pitt Girl explains her change of heart on what should be done with the large, decaying billboard on Mount Washington.

Oh, the Humanities - Can They be Saved?

Locally and nationally, college and university students are flocking to programs they perceive to be pathways to jobs while they forego studies of languages, history, art and philosophy. But at what cost?

Watch This


Best of the 'Burgh Party 2015 

Watch This


2015 Best Restaurants Party

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Only Online

12 Glorious Pictures from High Above Pittsburgh

If you think the city looks terrific from Mount Washington, wait until you see these shots.

2015 Best Restaurants Party Review

Catch some of the many highlights, plus what was going on behind scenes, in less than 120 seconds.

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