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The 5 Best Underrated Fountains in Pittsburgh

While we all know and love the grandeur of the fountain at Point State Park, there are many hidden fountain gems throughout the city. These are a few of our lesser-known favorites.

photos by jamie crow


1. Fountain at Allegheny Cemetery

The history of Allegheny Cemetery dates back to the early 19th century; the original fountain there was built in 1874. The current fountain, though, was built in 1982, using the urns and curbing of the first fountain.

Nestled in a courtyard north of the cemetery’s Butler Street entrance, the fountain is surrounded by benches and potted plants. The design of the fountain has its stream pointed upwards, mimicking the look of fireworks, which makes it a top pick for our list.


2. Duquesne University Fountain

Situated on Duquesne University’s Academic Walk outside of Canevin Hall is one of the university’s two fountains. This fountain has arching streams across its basin, with a larger stream in the center. Its simple design is one of its best features, and in this case, less is more.

Each October, the fountain is dyed pink for breast cancer awareness, so you can enjoy the soothing fountain while knowing that it is also doing some good.


3. Fountain at Allegheny County Courthouse

Surrounded by the beautiful architecture of the Allegheny County Courthouse is a fountain that provides a small bit of peace in a busy area of Downtown. The fountain is located in the center of the building’s courtyard, with benches lining the perimeter.

The fountain’s two-tiered design is a classic look, but the intricate design of the fountain’s lower basin, as well as the teal tint it gives off, is what makes it a standout.


4. Agnes R. Katz Plaza Fountain

Pittsburgh’s Cultural District is home to one of the largest and most interestingly designed fountains in the city: the fountain at Agnes R. Katz Plaza. The fountain is 25 feet tall and was designed by Louise Bourgeois, a famous American artist and sculptor. Its design embodies a very natural vibe, as it looks like several rocks stacked on top of each other.

The fountain’s huge height and design make it quite the sight, and the surrounding seating options in the shape of eyeballs add to the overall quirky aesthetic of the fountain.


5. Mellon Green Fountain

Located across the street from Pittsburgh’s tallest building is Mellon Green. Mellon Green’s history is a long and interesting one, as it was one of the sites of the Occupy Pittsburgh movement in 2011 and 2012. At the center of all of its history, though, is a fountain.

Featuring five black columns, where the water flows into a multi-tier basin, this fountain’s design inspires a calming nature through its simplicity. The fountain’s location, the quiet atmosphere it embodies and the surrounding green space make it our top pick.

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